Evan Travis

Music highlights

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Game Music

A number of times, I've joined game jam teams to create soundtracks and sound effects. A game jam is a competition in which teams or individuals compete to create a playable game in short amounts of time. All of the following were created for these games.

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Music Vignettes

During 2016, I created 17 vignette soundtrack pieces to film. They span from ambient to action trailer to chiptune.  Click below to view them all alongside YouTube links to view them in context.


Individual Music

I also keep up a small music alias on the side, titled ERAT. The music there is very electronic, and is created for an audience of about 2. My dad and my mom. 


I Cast Zone of Adventure

An album inspired by moments from The Adventure Zone: Balance and Griffin Mcelroy's composition style, I made 21 tracks from across the whole Balance arc. Every track has wildly different styles from each other.