Evan Travis


A documentary I made about the acting and social side of putting together a theater production in high school. [18 minutes]

"Family First and Family Last follows Douglas County High School's theater department as they produce The Addams Family, and discover their own sense of familial connection with eachother along the way. "


A documentary I made about the technical side of putting on a theater production in high school. [20 minutes]

"The first in a documentary series about all the people behind the making of a high school theater production. The Cat, The Canary, and the Making of it All is about Front Street Production Co. as they put on the first show of the season."

Masterfully edited.
— Craig Ormiston

Big Bad Wolf is a student-made, dark, suspenseful short film with murder mystery influences

I'm listed as "Evan Travis" in the credits. 

I made the music, the logos and I also edited the whole film.

The film was submitted to Thescon 2015, and received perfect marks on both editing and music, and qualified for nationals (A huge honor!)

A piece I edited for the DCHS One Acts Festival. I created the intro bit and (somewhat successfully) saved the audio from disaster.