Evan Travis
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Douglas County Theater


Typographic designs made for shows at my high school.


Helpless Doorknobs

Taking notes from stories macabre, The Helpless Doorknob is a party game at heart. Contained within the game are 20 cards containing one-line descriptions of scenes, and a gruesome depiction of the scene. This version is a fully realized and interpreted story stemming from these cards. 



The classic 1945 pulitzer prize winning show about Elwood P Dowd and his imaginary rabbit, Harvey. 

The Cat and the Canary

Ten years after his death, millionaire Cyrus Norman's will is to be read to his six relatives. Fortunately for them, if the inheritor is proven insane, the estate will be given to the next suitable relative. What follows is an evening of murder, backstabbing and a hint of humor.