Evan Travis


Hi! I'm Evan Travis, and I make a lot of things. 

Maybe I can make some things for you.



I've been making music electronically for about 6 years now, but I've been previously trained in classical singing. I've participated in my high school theater, landing several lead roles, and a singing role in the school musical, as an underclassman. At some point during my singing lessons, I realized that I had enough musical theory knowledge to make music, and since then, I've taken a college course online in music production, and I've released a few songs on iTunes and other online music stores. I've participated in a couple game jams, and Radiant Entertainment plans to include my musical talent in their community made soundtrack for Stonehearth.

Recently, I've delved into more visual arts. I've been contracted to create a press kit for a local band, and I've made a short film that was qualified for a prestigious international competition. I'm working on slice-of-life documentaries for theater and I'm constantly involved in student film productions.

As a 19 year old in the online freelance industry, I have a lot of experience for my age. I have a keen eye for design and film, and a trained ear for music. I'm very very flexible and can turn around an idea pretty quickly. I'm fluent in most industry-standard programs and can quickly adapt to new challenges in a project. Take a look at some of my work if you want to see this in action.